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On my Journey Here:


Once undergrad ended, it seemed like my dream of writing did too. Life is like a black hole for writers. We are often sucked into an obscure space of creation without the guarantee of four walls and a roof as a means of support. And once we produce our final draft, we never really know if we can bank on the outcome. But writing on speculation is a risk we take, because we love artistic expression, and life wouldn’t be as interesting if we didn’t take the time to create something that could entertain and benefit others. That was the voice inside my head, post Bachelor's Degree.


But it wasn't just one voice. It was several voices from the community I grew up in who knew my passion for creating relatable and comedic characters. It is because of their encouragement and belief, and my persistence and drive, that I graduated with an MFA in Screenwriting from DePaul University. There are too many stories within me to share, and I've never been more convinced that writing is the medium for it.


On my Love for Writing Comedy-Dramas and Absurd Dark Comedies:


Drama and Comedy are polar opposites-an accident waiting in the wings. It’s like getting married on a whim to a stripper in Vegas, impregnating her, and having to pay child support. It just isn’t supposed to happen that way. 


But sometimes when done right and properly courted, Drama will give in to Comedy’s pleas for attention, affection, and validation. After all, Comedy is the truth of who we are at our core – unfiltered and unadulterated. Vulnerable, but willing to try. It exposes our faults in a way that lessens the blow, when reality hits and everything comes crashing down. There is hope and authenticity in comedy that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.


I’d like to think we wear the mask in Drama, but it is only in Comedy that we take it off.

On The Importance of Comedy 

Comedy has become a lost art. What was once cherished and revered, has now been relegated to the sidelines. What once brought people together, has now been deemed divisive and obstructive to progress. But what if we began to reimagine what comedy could be and welcome it with open arms - interspersed and managed through drama. We must always remember that our perception, does not always equal reality and in that way, we must not chain or enslave our comedic misgivings. Comedy must and should always remain as free as we are. Free to express itself: its hurt, its pain, and its truth. After all, if we-ourselves, are unable to fully express ourselves, how then, can we ever grow into something wiser and learn from our mistakes?

Can't Miss TV

My favorite shows including: Succession, The Queen's Gambit, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Divorce, Baskets, Cable Girls, Shameless, Insecure, Blackish, and Atlanta all have one thing in common: they all mix drama with comedy. Each of these shows infuses social commentary with a fine-tooth comb. I love any show that has a twisted take on drama and can find funny and absurd moments in situations we, as humans, usually take too seriously.


However, if I were to pick just one show, which is really hard because each of these shows shine by their own merits, I would choose Curb Your Enthusiasm. Plain and simple, Larry David is a comedic genius. I would be remiss if I turned a blind eye to his ability to seamlessly outline a story without dialogue, but also have the wherewithal to know exactly how every plant and line of dialogue will find a way to pay-off by the end of each episode. Curb Your Enthusiasm has a comedic edginess that no show can touch. The outrageous moments, eccentric characters, and comedic twists keep me tuned in each week to see what Larry’s new gripe or faux paus will be. The show, itself, has a distinct voice and a strong point of view. Curb Your Enthusiasm has the ability to address everyday issues with ease and comedic effect. And no matter how ridiculous the situation may be, all points are valid when Larry David is involved. 


Yes, I know Larry David hates writing. I get that dialogue isn’t written either. But there is something to be said about his bulletproof story structure that cannot be argued against. Without structure, there is no story. The show is going on its tenth season for a reason. And for that, the show has earned its respect and rightful place in history. 

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